What Clark Weeks Discovered in Cookeville and Putnam County Tennessee

Clark Weeks travelled to Cookeville and Putnam County on business and found it an interesting location. A beautiful experience can never be put in words, it just needs to be felt and fulfilled. Cookeville is one such place to be visited and experienced. Cookeville is one of the largest micropolitan cities in Tennessee state with a significant contribution to the economy of the state. Named after Richard Fielding Cooke who had a vital role in developing Putnam county, Cookeville has many attractions and places to visit and to be cherished.

Clark Weeks loves the Cookeville sunset
Cookeville Tennessee at Sunset | Source: Wikipedia User Brian Stansberry | CC BY 3.0

Cookeville is a combination of nature, fun, and entertainment. A perfect plan to spend a day in Cookeville will be like a smooth ride over the city with minimal traffic. Beginning the day with coffee at Poet’s Coffee and heading your way to the market on the square where you can shop in your favorite stores like Broadway boutique mall, Cigi’s, Old town T-Shirt company and many more. Next to this shopping hub lies Cream City Ice Cream and coffee shop where you get to taste delicious smoothies and icecreams.

Places Clark Weeks Recommends You Visit in Cookeville:

Cookeville is a culmination of beautiful waterfalls for nature lovers and museums for the love of arts and history. Some of the must-visits are

Cummins Falls State Park:

Cummins Falls State Park has been awarded as the 8th largest waterfalls in Tennessee. Hiking and swimming are the most loved and enjoyable activities here. Cummins Falls State Park is located in Jackson County which is at the northwest of Cookeville.

Burgess Falls State Park:

The state park includes activities like hiking, fishing, and birding. It is located in Putnam County and White county of Tennessee.

Cookeville Depot Museum:

For the love of historical train item displays, this is the best and must-visit place in Cookeville. The museum is located in the middle of shopping hubs and exotic culinary stores. Take your little ones along and let them enjoy the toy train rides in the museum.

Dogwood Park:

A place to walk around, sit and relax, Dogwood Park also counts to one of the must-visits in Cookeville.

Cookville History Museum:

Cookeville history museum is a very well organized and interesting place where you get to view many antiques from the early days to now.

Clark Weeks is a fan of the museums in Cookeville
Cookeville Depot Museum | Source: Wikipedia User PD

In addition to the places that are serene, beautiful and entertaining Cookeville is also significant for its arts and culture. The Cookeville art studio and gallery hold magnificient pieces of art and exhibits them. You also get a chance to learn and create your art in the gallery. Also don’t forget to give a short visit to Bee Rock where with a bit of hiking, we get to see the most beautiful view during the fall season. Apart from all the exceptional beauties of Cookeville, another pride of the town is its extraordinary Murals which you get to see across the streets. While perhaps not as spectacular as the Rockies or Paris, Clark Weeks likes the charm of Cookeville and Putnam County and the beauty of the parks and natural areas.