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Clark Weeks Travel Blog and Carlos Hercules

We are not sure where the Carlos came from but Clark could be considered Hercules. Well not really, but he is into a lot of sports and excels on the intellectual side as well. Clark Weeks loves to travel and play sports. There is skiing in Deer Valley Utah and scuba trips to the Cook Islands in the pacific islands. Both of which cover travel and sports at the same time. Then there is the national underwater hockey team that he is part of.

Clark Weeks travel -  Wayanad India

On the other side of things, Mr. Weeks is an expert in actuarial science and is a financial advisor. He is widely read and is fun to converse with on almost any topic.

This blog has some general travel information and some information about Clark Weeks travels and sometimes his other interests. It will be a bit eclectic but hopefully fun.

Clark Weeks travel - skiing Steamboat

We think you will enjoy and hopefully learn from the post on how travel can teach about patriotism and love for the US. There are also tips on traveling on a budget. There is also a story about taking a trip to Wayanad India. We also have a story about Clark Weeks recommending Steamboat Ski Resort. Although in truth, his first love is Deer Valley in Utah. Deer Valley is right next to the town of Park City, Utah made famous by the Sundance Film Festival held there each year. We have more posts planned for the future.

Since Mr. Weeks has an interest in oil wells, perhaps we will do a travel story about going to parts of the country where there are oil wells. This could even be the city of Los Angeles. If you have ever driven around parts of Los Angeles you will see many oil wells there pumping oil on a steady basis. Or it could be Pennsylvania where there is a lot of fracking going on, or the Dakotas for the same reason.